Our story began two and a half decades ago, with a meeting--and a wish and a prayer. Turn the page to 2012, and JMG has blossomed into an internationally respected consulting firm with a well established history of:

  • developing and producing high-visibility global events, meetings, and incentives across continents and cultures, based on equal parts strategic business communication skills and commitment to the art of honoring the "message" of each client

  • creating strong, relevant vehicles and content from which our clients promote their products and services, while elevating their professional image

  • delivering educational platforms for corporate and association training under our umbrella of InformatioNexustm

The chapters of our story are defined by our unyielding dedication to out-performing and over-delivering, and by our scores of clients with their own stories to tell of their energizing experiences with JMG. We weave together the plotlines of your varied communication challenges, resulting in an artfully crafted script that integrates each component as a critical part of the whole. We respect the subtlety of the strategies necessary to achieve each individual business objective.

Of all the genres in your personal arsenal, targeted, focused business communications--used effectively--maximize your business agenda. JMG brings to the task the range and ingenuity, as well as the personal responsiveness and sensitivity to your internal and external environment.

The JMG Experience Introduces You To:

*Translational Business Communicationstm: Blue Sky to Bottom Line

JMG created the concept of Translational Business Communicationstm (TBC) to fill the void that exists between conceptualization and implementation in the traditional business model and perpetuated in the standard client/agency relationship.

*The JMG Global Meeting Experience

The implementation of the message and the meeting as defined by JMG results in quality human interaction within the parameters of your business objectives.

*InforrmatioNexustm: The Next Generation of Supplemental Business Education

A relevant collection of education modules addressing contemporary challenges that produce an immediate measurable impact on both your employees' performance and your bottom line.

For further details of our exploits, visit "Talents."

Reaching a crossroad shouldn't stop progress. JMG provides the impetus to move forward with a clearly defined path and focused intent. Accomplish more with less.

JMG will transform your strategic business experience on every level.

The Judith Miller Group.  Smaller. Faster. Smarter.


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