So what do we do at JMG? Briefly--communications, meetings and education--each as an integrated component of a strategic whole.

Translational Business Communicationstm: Blue Sky to Bottom Line

TBC fills the void that exists between conceptualization and implementation. Since the hallmark of every successful organization is its ability to communicate its messages effectively, TBCtm employs a strategy designed to promote, showcase, and market every strategic message by translating words into action. Nuanced phrases are crafted to maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns, meeting content, websites, executive correspondence, speeches, newsletters, announcements, press releases, and all collateral materials. JMG drives people to your website and increases traffic at your events, while polishing and perfecting the image of each group with which we collaborate. We don't just say it, we do it. And the results are measurable.

Before there were social media, there were words--and they remain the best and most effective means of keeping ahead of each passing trend. We specialize in anti-trending, since the next big thing has already come and gone. And short-lived trends do not accommodate personalization to make them meaningful to you.

Texas Stadium, Dallas, Texas, Investigators' Meeting/Scientific Symposium--100 people

  • Professional writing and editing services under a strategic umbrella
  • Multi-media marketing, promotional, educational pieces
  • Marketing/Communications Plans
  • Website Content
  • Newsletters
  • Collateral meeting/events communications


The JMG Global Meeting Experience

We've built our reputation on the belief that every meeting guest is a messenger to be sent out into the world newly re-charged and ready to relate your story and keep the meeting momentum going.

A meeting or incentive is only as good as the conversation it initiates and the message and good will it delivers. Our incomparable global network of hoteliers, DMCs, sensory venues, executive producers, virtual technology experts, vidoegraphers, photographers, and meeting professionals stand at the ready to deliver the JMG experience.

Our goal is simple: Have every guest leave energized and feeling their time was well spent so the experience doesn't end at the airport but rather, is carried back to the office for implementation.

Personalization trumps volume and formulas every time.

World Meetings and Special Events
Comprehensive project management from inception to post-event follow-up

  • Executive and premium market Advisory Boards
  • Symposia, Product Launches, Sales and Marketing meetings
  • Investigator, R&D, and Scientific meetings
  • Incentive, Awards, and Recognition programs
  • Workshops
  • Executive Retreats
  • Motivational Programs

Orient Express, Istanbul Line--300 people      Victoria and Albert Museum, London--500 people

Special Projects Management
Menu items so you can customize our services to your needs/budget

  • Strategic program design, including format, theme, content
  • Planning and managing budgets
  • Researching, inspecting and recommending venues worldwide
  • Personalized roomblock/hotel management
  • Negotiating contracts, discounts, upgrades
  • Selecting and managing audio-visual and electronic contractors
  • Selecting and managing local destination management companies
  • Coordinating risk management procedures with your internal staff
  • Consulting on CSR mandates and compliance regulations

                 Cape Town, So. Africa, Pre-launch meeting/dinner party--30 people

Other Headline Events

National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.--Private Performance by Bill Cosby
Private Performance by Ray Charles, New Orleans, LA (2,400 attendees)

Boston Symphony Hall, Private Performance by Chuck Berry (1,000 attendees)
Private Performance, San Francisco Symphony, Conducted by Michael Tilson-Thomas for 1,100 people


InformatioNexustm: The Next Generation of
Supplemental Business Education

Nothing is more powerful than confident, motivated employees supporting your business goals while improving the client experience, client retention, and growth of market share. Diminished human contact is having a negative impact on service at all levels. The stress generated by 24/7 expectations takes a toll on productivity and your ROI. You need to consider arming your employees with an arsenal of weapons to get the job done while projecting professionalism and a winning attitude.

Tap into our intellectual capital to hone your employees' edge and sharpen their desire to succeed, not only for themselves, but for your organization as well.


  • The next generation of supplemental business information and education
  • Customized, dynamic modules created for seamless integration into existing in-house programs
  • Options of live, interactive sessions or electronic format
  • Topics reflect rapidly changing environment across many business sectors
  • Sample titles include: No Boundaries:  Crossing Borders with Grace and Humor; Generation du Jour: Rock the Ages; Meeting Stress Head On; Greener Pastures: Saving the Planet One Meeting at a Time; Business Class; Mastering Meetings that Rock