Introducing informatioNexus -- the Next Generation of Supplemental Business Information

In response to the escalating demands we face in today's business environment, JMG has created a strategic collection of educational modules designed to address contemporary issues and produce an immediate impact on your employees while meeting your business goals.  Critical information in the hands of a motivated staff, is a powerful weapon in the face of your competition. It affords your agents broader skills and confidence, enhancing  your company's image, ultimately aiding in client retention and growth of market share--measurable results.

The Situation

Managers are faced with a combination of workplace factors without precedent. Increasingly, employees are asked to do more with less--less staff,  smaller budgets, fewer resources. With technological innovations making communication a 24/7 reality, there is no perceived end to the business day. Access to information, and people, is limited only by your own stamina; electronic communication has significantly diminished the human element of our business interactions. Also, we find ourselves among members of four and a half generations trying to work together, bringing a host of new issues to the fore. . Layer on additional concerns generated by a fluctuating economy, continually changing travel and security guidelines, and a recently developed eco-sensitivity among many corporations--and there you have just described some of the issues we face in the average day at the office. The stress generated takes its toll on employee motivation, effectiveness, productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line.

In the face of evolving work forces, you need to arm yourself and your employees with the best possible tools to get the job done, as well as work with a partner who will assist you in identifying and focusing your needs. If you are to sanction and write the check for time away for the office, you need positive results: education and information that enables staff to generate profitable business solutions for you, starting now.

The Solution

Tap into our storehouse of intellectual capital to hone and polish your employees' edge with InformatioNexus, with dynamic sessions custom-tailored for your attendees and crafted with the goal of substantive positive impact.

InformatioNexus addresses the dramatically altered workplace landscape, featuring:

  • Customized, dynamic modules created for seamless integrated into existing in-house programs, resulting in economies of time and spend
  • Options of live, interaction sessions or electronic format
  • Insight and information that will have an immediate impact on your staff's knowledge, productivirty, confidence, creativity, helping attain business goals
  • Topics reflect rapidly changing environment across many business sectors

JMG's contemporary content, delivered in a fast-paced, challenging environment, raises the bar from the traditional--but far less effective and engaging--"training" sessions from prior decades.

Catalogue of Titles

All titles are sole and exclusive intellectual propertyof The Judith Miller Group and are protected by copyright 2007-2010. All intellectual and property rights reserved. Content may not be reproduced or used for any purpose without the express written permission of The Judith Miller Group or their representatives.

No Boundaries:  Crossing Borders with Grace and Humor

Greener Pastures: Saving the Planet One Meeting at a Time

Generation du Jour:  Rock the Ages

CPR for the Communication Challenged

United Notions: Become a Business Ambassador to the World

Meeting Stress Head On

Multi-Cultural Communications: Playing Nice in the Global Sandbox

Masters of Diversity: The Mindset of Multi-Culturalism

The Impact of the Good and Evil Twins of Outsourcing and Procurement on the Global Balance Sheet

Business Class: Contemporary Skills Enhancement for People Going Global

Meeting Masterminds: A Forum on Contemporary Conflicts and
Peaceful Resolutions

Vital Force: Mastering Global Business Resources

Calming Contemporary Conflict: Reviving Humanity, Common Sense, and Respect

Growing Global: Strategies for Conquering Crises, Challenging Change, and Commanding Communication

A Master Class for Meeting and Hospitality Professionals: Communicate, Activate, Motivate

Mastering Meetings that Rock:  From Site Inspection to On Site Perfection

Food Fight: Stir the Pot