Worlds Apart. Advantage: JMG


Few, if any, US-based meeting planning/communications companies have built their reputation in the global market before establishing themselves at home, as JMG has. Our global vantage point emphasizes the importance of in-depth knowledge of multi-cultural communications, cross-cultural business practices, global CSR initiatives, international finance, and risk management.

With hands-on experience in the Asian, European, Middle Eastern, and South African markets, as well as a South American partner, JMG provides strategic support and excels at reaching executive and premium audiences with panache.


Twenty years of global name recognition, as noted by MPI wishing us well:

"Congratulations to our partner and platinum speaker Judith Miller, who celebrates the 20th anniversary of her company, The Judith Miller Group...JMG has blossomed into a business services group that designs and implements strategic business concepts to economically benefit its clients...JMG  builds on the meeting product,...maximizing overall business plans."


JMG recognizes that every spend is expected to contribute to ROI and meet CSR mandates. We avoid the mistake of isolating parts of a project in favor of integrating the whole into a larger context, ensuring full optimization of resources and cost-efficiencies.


If you find yourself juggling sales teams, procurement and account managers--imagine eliminating the layers and dealing with the owner-operators who partner with you as a team. Simple interactions, immediate accessibility. No chain-of-command delays.


JMG is a female-owned creative enterprise, built on multi-generational wisdom, sensitivity, and insight gleaned from decades of global corporate business experience. Or, as we affectionately refer to it, "Power Pumpstm on the Road."



Judith Miller
Founder & CEO

Judith has produced and managed global meetings and events for more than 30 years, with a sub-specialty in pharmaceutical meeting and event management, design and project planning, marketing communications, and creative development of complex projects, encompassing CME, investigator and launch initiatives.  Judith's professional history demonstrates a proven pattern of focused goal achievement, strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and proven leadership strengths. Her ability to work with diverse levels of corporate management, physician lecturers, celebrities, and multicultural clients and support staffs, is borne out by her diverse global roster of clients.

In addition to founding the company twenty years ago, Judith brings the added dimension of having worked in the airline and hotel industries.  She has lectured and published internationally on global business topics for a wide variety of organizations, including Meeting ProfessionaIs International, The Center for Business Intelligence, Affordable Meetings, The Society for Government Meeting Professionals. Enhancing the scope of her company in 2006, she established a training division, drawing on her expert consultant status within the industry as a speaker/consultant and seminar workshop leader.

Donna Giacobello
Vice-President, Communications and Client Services

Donna brings more than 25 years of experience in the business of marketing to her role as Vice President in The Judith Miller Group.  She has worked as a medical writer, a copywriter, communications/project manager, and a product manager in two Fortune 100 companies. Donna has attained a level of expertise liaising with international faculties and panel members, as well as world renowned opinion leaders in various specialties. 

Donna's portfolio includes work both in print and electronic media and reflects the evolving art of corporate/business communications and special projects management.  She has honed her strong organizational and communication skills while gaining critical knowledge on both sides of the client-agency relationship. Donna supplies the crucial client-vendor liaison which is so important to the on-time performance of outside suppliers and the total success of the program, from planning to completion.